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Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

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Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

PayPal Pay in 4 available, T&Cs apply

Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

PayPal Pay in 4 available, T&Cs apply

Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

PayPal Pay in 4 available, T&Cs apply

Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

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What’s the Difference Between Newlyfe Beach and Bath Towels?

by Arjun Sharma 21 Oct 2022 0 Comments
beach and bath towels

Every Newlyfe towel range is designed to stand out from the crowd.

How do our beach and bath towels differ—from each other, and from traditional brands on the market? At Newlyfe, we painstakingly researched what truly great towels should offer before embarking on our product designs.

Towels that offer long-term performance


What do you want from your towels? We spoke to people from all walks of life about their experiences. Whether families with children or retirees on the road, we listened out for complaints across the board.

Common inconveniences the Newlyfe range moves to address include:

  • Towels that take too long to dry.
  • Towels too heavy to use comfortably.
  • Plush towels that soon pill and tangle.
  • Towels taking up too much space on the go.
  • Beach towels that are just too small.

With these goals in mind, we created beach towels and bath towels designed to excel.

Deciding on suede microfiber


Obviously, the material we settled on had to offer serious benefits. Suede microfibre stood out for many reasons. Absorbing quicker than cotton, yet drying fast. Lightweight, but high performing. Resistant to wear and tear.

Suede microfiber is luxuriously silky smooth, with a buttery feel on the skin. The tight weave of this clever created fabric optimises efficiency and comfort (unlike standard microfibre that can feel “sticky” to some people).

Hitting Surf and Sand with Our Beach Towels


Thin and Light

At 200gsm, Newlyfe beach towels are thin and light, proving more convenient overall. Placing a 200 gram towel in your beach bag is barely noticeable—not to mention how compact our towels are, thanks to the material.

Highly Portable

Our beach towels can be folded down to the size of a water bottle. How convenient is that? In fact, using suede microfiber for our beach towels also translates as a sand free option, thanks to the tightness of the weave.

Chlorine Resistant

Our beach towels are also chlorine resistant. They air well, being so thin and light, and the scent of the pool is soon gone. Being fade resistant means our beautiful designs maintain their colour and overall vibrancy.

Great Length

We created our extra-large beach towels to a measurement of 180cm x 90cm. Yes, beach towels long enough to lay on without most of you ending up in the sand. They’re also a fantastic length to wrap around the body.

Then how are Newlyfe bath towels different?



The feel and the weight are two areas where Newlyfe bath towels differ from our beach towels. While our beach towels are 200gsm, our bath towels are 350 gsm, slightly thicker for a plusher feel after showering.

Weight Difference

Because beach towels are carried around so much, we thought compact at 200 grams was superb. Our bath towels weigh in at 350 grams but are still excellently compact, making them perfect for home or travel.

Waffle Weave

The waffle weave microfiber is slightly thicker than the weave of our beach towels, delivering stunning absorbency, and a soft, silky texture on the skin. As a result, our bath towels dry 2-3 times faster than cotton.

Sized for the Family

Our bath towels are plusher, but sized slightly smaller than our beach towels (since we’re not expecting you to lie on them on the floor of your bathroom). They measure 150cm x 80cm, perfect for everyone in the home.

Convenience overall


Thoughtful Extras

Both our beach and bath towels come with a built-in hanging loop, meaning you can hang them out to dry anywhere. Our towels are fast-drying, so if travelling or on the go, it won’t be long before they air dry.

Budget Friendly

Budget friendly to us means innovative design that isn’t priced out of range. Our adult bath towels and beach towels are the same price (one is a little longer, the other plusher). Our towels are created to perform, and to last.

Always Quality Visuals

While the designs for our beach towels are more ornate (you’re likely to wrap yourself in them at some stage) the contemporary yet timeless patterns chosen for our bath towels complement most interior styling.

Loop Free Fabric

While we use a slightly different weave between towels—and our bath towels have slightly more texture—it’s important to note both ranges still remain loop free, an important part of making our towels sand and dirt-resistant.

The Newlyfe Difference


As a family owned Australian business, we know poor quality towels can prove annoying in everyday life, especially during summer. We wanted to showcase the difference between our bath and beach towel ranges for you.

Keep in mind, while our bath towels are designed for family use, our beach towels are available as adult towels, and kid towels—not to mention dog towels. (Yes, we’ve got the whole family covered, including fur babies.)

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. We love all the positive reviews we are receiving too! Hopefully the Newlyfe range will provide convenient towels option for life at home, and those adventurous holidays.

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