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Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

PayPal Pay in 4 available, T&Cs apply

Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

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Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

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Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

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What should you look for in a beach towel for caravanning and camping?

by Arjun Sharma 03 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Improve your next holiday experience with better beach towels.

As an Australian family owned business, we know when school break begins, many families head out to enjoy local and international adventures, often with swimming on the schedule.

Planning is key for a fantastic holiday on the go. When stocking up on new camping accessories and caravan accessories, the best beach towels should be on the shopping list.

We love travelling and exploring with the kids and put a lot of thought into our beach towel range. Newlyfe designs were created to enable a low maintenance, stress free outdoor lifestyle - ‘simply living’

Hopefully our beach towels prove as fabulous for you as they have for our family when enjoying this amazing country—whether you’re hitting the surf, lake, river, or pool.

What makes a beach towel travel-friendly?

You want to have fun when on vacation, and your standard everyday beach towel can often lead to unnecessary hassles. When thinking about packing, a great beach towel should save you valuable space and weight. The last thing you need is your towel taking up half the space in your cupboard, luggage or beach bag.

An absorbent towel is best, but one that is also quick drying so they’re ready to use again in no time. For a truly great travel accessory, nothing beats the convenience of the added benefit of sand free towels. Less washing is always a bonus when you’re away from home!

And a fantastic, colourful pattern won’t go astray. Who doesn’t love being wrapped in a gorgeous Instagram worthy towel? Aside from these points, holidays are expensive enough, so your new beach towel should also be budget-friendly, especially when you are buying for the whole family.

What a high quality travel towel can offer?

How much room does a towel take up? Is your beach towel a quick dry towel? These practical questions are worth considering before you go camping and caravanning.

Suede microfibre is created for high-performance, and low bulk. Thinner than cotton and standard microfiber, our lightweight towels can fold into compact parcels that take up the same space as a water bottle.

Newlyfe’s suede microfibre towels also dries up to 5 times dry faster, ideal for when you want to have a towel that’s ready at a moment’s notice for those impromptu swims.

The absorbency of our towels means the body is pat dry in no time, with the added bonus of a luxuriously silky soft feel on your skin.

Storage is also a consideration. When not in use, you can take advantage of the strong and durable snap lock hanging loop, which makes your towel easy to hang anywhere – not just on a hook, but from the annex, marquee or umbrella. You’ll also feel secure knowing it’s not going to be blown away in a gust of wind.

Fabric Matters! Designed with durability in mind, suede microfiber is also fade resistant, chlorine resistant and colours won’t bleed, so you will have your beach towel for many years and holidays to come!

Not having to worry about sand, and smell

Drying so fast is one reason our microfibre beach towels aren’t prone to mould and musty smells.

We also know caravanning and camping trips are often plagued with sand and dirt picked up along the way. A sand free beach towel is definitely perfect for summer holidays.

Usually the loops in cotton and standard microfiber towels pick up grains of sand, seaweed, leaves and twigs. The loop-free surface of our suede microfibre ensures our beach towels are notably resistant to storing or carrying anything that would normally stick. With a good shake, it all falls right off!

We’re taking care of everyone in the family

In addition to our extra-large beach towels, Newlyfe’s kids beach towels and dog towels are designed to make sure everyone in the family is catered for. We want to be a one stop shop for your summer towel stock up.

Our Swim Bags have separated wet and dry pouches. The Byron Drawstring Swim Bag for adults, and the Drawstring Swim Bag in designs children love, making great backpacks.

We’re always conscious of budgets, and how buying for the whole family can be costly. We offer a series of Towel Bundles that will hopefully meet all your beach towel needs.

The stats on the Newlyfe towel range

We know that when making a decision to buy online, the numbers give a clear idea. Product transparency is important, which is why we’re always happy to provide details.

Our large beach towels measure bigger than most at 180 x 190cm, with a lightweight 200gsm, while weighing a travel-friendly 340 grams. In terms of portability, they pack flat and neatly into a 20-30cm pouch.

Both kid towels and dog beach towels measure 120x70cm, also a lightweight 200gms, and a child-friendly weight of 175g. These towels can roll down to 16cm long, and a 5cm diameter.

Have fun on your travels!

We’re proud of offering beach towels in Australia that meet the demands of constant travel and day to day use (and our bright, fade-resistant beach towels look wonderful in photos).

Wherever you’re headed, we hope you have a brilliant time making incredible memories. Seeing fantastic reviews from our customers—some caravanning or camping—is what truly makes our day!

If you have questions about beach towel care, or the production and delivery process, we’ve put together a comprehensive FAQ page that hopefully covers your Newlyfe query.

Can’t find what you need to know? Our West Australian family business is built on providing standout customer service. Reach out to us today, we’re always happy to help.

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