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Sandstone Bath Towel
Melissa Worrad
Perfect bathroom towels for winter

I ordered these towels after being sick of my towels and bath mat not drying over the winter months, these towels are perfect! They dry so quickly. No more damp cold towels and soggy bath mat! The only thing I would like to see is a slightly larger bath mat (using the small/junior towel as the bath mat as suggested).
Super happy and will purchase more!

Great product

I bought a bath bundle (2) late last year to use in our caravan.
I was very impressed at how small the fold up, how well they dry you and how quickly they dry so I bought another set!


Just love how they don’t take up much room

Holiday towels

Just received towels for our caravan. Love the color will order a couple more.
Happy with the quality.

Slate Bath Towel
Cathy Evison


Good for the beach

I got one of the larger beach towels for the ground and one of these softer bath towels for drying myself. It has a better texture than the beach one, more towely, kinda like a big tea towel. Both of them are very absorbent, fast drying, and both repel sand. Good buy.

Beautiful soft and large towels ,

Great customer service

I ordered my towels and forgot to include the free towel offer at the time of ordering. After contacting Newlyfe they added a towel to my order. Towels have arrived and are so light and beautiful. Can't wait to use them this Summer. Thank you

Sandstone Bath Towel
Barb Tearle-Graham
Sandstone bath towel

Better than a normal towel. Not so hard and scratchy. Have them in the caravan too and love em

Navy Bath Towel
Belinda Alger
Love these towels!

I was a bit skeptical of these as I haven’t always liked the feel & absorbency of some microfibre towels, so I ordered 2 bath towels to test the waters. Well I’ve just ordered 8 more bath towels & some of the smaller towels because I’ve decided to replace my whole towel collection with these. I just love them. They feel great, look great & I’ve never had a towel as absorbent as these towels. My skin feels totally dry from the first wipe. Seriously dry. I hate still feeling damp after using a traditional towel & after using these for 2 weeks I can honestly say I’ve never still damp after using these towels. They wash well, dry super quick & take up way less space in the cupboard. Once you’ve used these towels, you won’t look back. Seriously.

Quick dry towels

We have bought different quick dry towels before and were not impressed with them. These, however, are as described. They dry you and then quickly dry. Will be looking at purchasing more.

Bundle - Pink Bath Towel
Catherine Grenville
Perfect travel towel

Purchased for my motorhome, where weight, as well as quick drying properties is a high consideration (No one wants to travel with or use a damp towel). These towels fit the bill perfectly, and the smaller one can be used as a bath mat, hand towel or tea towel, so you get that added versatility as a bonus.

Byron Sand Free Carry Bag
Geraldine Bochynski
Lovely beach towel

Quick delivery, towel looks great, washed well, packed & ready to use when we hit the road in a few weeks

Love the design and texture

We haven’t used these towels as yet but know from our beach towels that they will be excellent to use and will be quick drying.

Great product

Teal Bath Towel
Helen Byrnes
Great Beach and Bath towels

Bought the 4 pack of 2 beach and 2 bath towels. Haven't used the beach towels yet as too cold for swimming but take up no space at all in the little bags and I'm sure will be great at the beach.
The bath towels are fantastic. I was sceptical if they would dry properly but first time used they were great. Dried our bodies really well and didn't take long to dry afterwards. Very happy with my purchase thank you. 😊


Can't wait to use my new towels

Purchased the towels to take travelling in our camper, so compact, lovely quality, can't wait to use them.

Excellent for camping

Bath towels

We have bought different quick dry towels before and were not impressed. These towels really work. My skin was dry after use, not damp. After use they dried really quickly. Happy with these towels.

Lost a bag so great to be able to get an easy replacement

Lost a bag so great to be able to get an easy replacement

Puppa feels special having his own towel

Great product. Easy transaction.
Highly recommend